CC - Cause Code - Call Control Layer
(TS GSM 04.08 Ann.H):

001 Unassigned (unallocated) number
002 No route to specific transit network
003 No route to destination
004 Send special info tone
005 Misdialled trunk prefix
006 Channel unacceptable
007 Call awarded and being delivered in
008 Operator determined barring
009 Preemption - circuit reserved for reuse
016 Normal call clearing
017 User busy
018 No user responding
019 No answer from user (user alerted)
020 Subscriber absent
021 Call rejected
022 Number changed
026 Non-selected user clearing
027 Destination out of order
028 Invalid number format
029 Facility rejected
030 Response to STATUS ENQUIRY
031 Normal, unspecified
034 No circuit/channel available
038 Network out of order
039 Permanent frame mode connection out of service
040 Permanent frame mode connection operational
041 Temporary failure
042 Switching equipment congestion
043 Access information discarded
044 Requested channel/circuit not available
046 Precedence call blocked
047 Ressource unavailable
049 Requested facility not subscribed
050 Requested facility not subscribed
053 Outgoing calls barred within CUG
055 Incoming calls barred within CUG
057 Bearer capability not authorized
058 Bearer capability not presently available
062 Inconsistency in designed outg. access inf. and subscr. class
063 Service or option not available, unspecified
065 Bearer capability not implemented
066 Channel type not implemented
068 ACM equal to or greater than ACMmax
069 Req.facility not implemented
069 Requested facility not implemented
070 Only restricted digital bearer cap. is available
079 Service or option not implemented, unspecified
081 Invalid call reference value
082 Identified channel does not exist
083 A suspended call exists, but this call identity does not
084 Call identity in use
085 No call suspended
086 Call having the requested call identity has been cleared
087 User not member of CUG
088 Incompatible destination
090 Non-existing CUG
091 Invalid transit network selection
095 Invalid message, unspecified
096 Mandatory information element is missing
097 Message type non-existing or not implemented
098 Message incompatible with call state or mesg type non-existent or not implemented
099 Information element non-existent or not implemented
100 Invalid information element contents
101 Message not compatible with call state
102 Recovery on timer expiry
103 Parameter non-existent or not implemented - passed on
110 Message with unrecognized parameter discarded "Protocol error, unspecified
113 Interworking, unspecified


MM - Cause Code - Mobility Management Layer
(TS GSM 04.08 Ann.G):

000 No error
002 IMSI unknown in HLR
003 Illegal MS
004 IMSI unknown in VLR
005 IMEI not accepted
006 Illegal ME
011 PLMN not allowed
012 Location area not allowed
013 Roaming not allowed in this location area
017 Network failure
022 Network congestion
032 Service option not supported
033 Service option not subscribed
034 Service temporarily out of order
038 Call cannot be identified (call RE)


RR - Cause Code - Radio Resource Management Layer
(TS GSM 04.08 Ann.F):

000 Normal release
001 Unspecified
002 Channel unacceptable
003 Timer expired
004 No activity on the radio path
005 Pre-emptive release
008 Handover impossible, timing advance out of range
009 Channel mode unacceptable
010 Frequency not implemented
065 Call already cleared
097 Message type not compatible with protocol state
101 No cell allocation available
111 Protocol error unspecified


SAT Commands
(For details see TS GSM 11.14)

Close Channel
Display Text
Get Channel Status
Get Inkey
Get Input
Get Reader Status
Language Notification
Launch Browser
More Time
Open Channel
Perform Card Apdu
Play Tone
Poll Interval
Power Off Card
Power On Card
Provide Local Information
Receive Data
Run At Command
Select Item
Send Data
Send Dtmf
Send Short Message
Send Ss
Send Ussd
Set Up Call
Set Up Event List
Set Up Idle Mode Text
Set Up Menu
Timer Management